Rachel Mayes | Rebranding with Rob



For this project, I worked with my client Robert Doxey on rebranding his growing business, Real Growth Solutions. With my background in both public relations and visual media, I worked with him on the design elements of his business as well as working to help him better market himself and his business. I worked with Rob by creating him a brand style guide to help keep his business and style consistent, I created a month’s worth of social media content, I made him a mock website with elements of design and marketing, and I redesigned his logo for him.

To evaluate the success of this project, I gave my client video material for him to evaluate the success of his social media following, the number of daily viewers on his website, and the clients he gained from all of this. Although the success of this project can not be measured in numbers quite yet since everything hasn’t gone live, I know my client will see success in his business and feel confident in the material I have given him.


Over the last four years, I have had a chance to learn skills in social media marketing, public relations, and graphic design. With these acquired skills that I have learned in my classes and through projects with clients, I have felt confident in my ability to deliver a successful project for Rob. I have done 50 hours of work for my client, Rob, and know that my work will help him grow his business and gain the clients he desires.

Check out my full PR book for my client which includes my analysis, goals and objectives, evaluation plan, and a chance for everyone to fully see my work. I have also included resources worth viewing which are the brand style guide I created, the mock website, one month of social media content, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter cover pages, my logo redesign, and my time log for this project. Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy!

Full PR Book:


Brand Style Guide:


Mock Website:


One Month of Social Media Content:


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Cover Pages:

Logo Redesign:

Senior Project Time Log: