Rebecca Clair – Piano Lessons

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca and my emphasis is Strategic Organization. I incorporated my love for music into this project. I’ve played piano for several years and I’ve taught piano lessons for a few of them. I love playing the piano and my goal is to spread that passion to others.


For my project, I worked on advertising my piano lessons. This project included a few elements. The first is my website. It shows the prices, an explanation of who I am, and information about how to sign up for lessons. When people go to the website, I want them to be able to navigate it easily, so I structured it like that the best I could.

Along with my website, I created business cards, stickers, and an infographic. The infographic demonstrates some of the benefits of learning the piano. The stickers are mainly to get more piano students because if people see their sticker, they may be interested as well. The business cards are a resource to hand out so that people can find me if they are interested in learning the piano.

For the project, I researched a lot about the benefits of learning the piano. I read a lot of articles about studies that were performed to see the effects of people learning piano. Playing the piano has several unexpected benefits.

Collateral Work

My Website: This included information about myself, prices of my services, and ways for people to contact me to schedule piano lessons.

Research: I learned about the benefits of playing the piano. I specifically researched how learning piano at a young age is especially beneficial. Here is a preview.

Designs: I designed infographics, posters, business cards, stickers, and my website. Here is a preview of my business cards.

Time Accounting