Keaton Ballard – Mobile Video Game Marketing & Beta Launch Preparation

Digital Media Marketing Major

Project Summary

Hello! My name is Keaton Ballard. For my senior project, I was the Data Analyst and Project Manager for Redbit LLC. I was responsible for ensuring their new casual mobile game Kingsmith was ready for public beta testing. This included product testing, project management, social media platform creation, deadline organization, digital analytics construction, and creating the campaign’s launch video.

Time Accounting

Below are some comprehensive visualizations showing how and what I spent time on during this project.


My client’s main goal was to launch the Kingsmith beta well before the end of a 3-month period so we could analyze and measure the KPIs of the launch. Unfortunately, this couldn’t happen due to several program bugs and issues. Although we didn’t launch when we originally planned, I still was able to make a difference to the company by directing all marketing preparations for the launch. I wrote a feedback survey for future beta testers and created all the social media channels needed to retain a player base (Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube).

Digital Analytics Setup

My passion is digital analytics. I thoroughly enjoyed setting up in-game analytics through Unity Analytics for my client. I added ten game-specific metrics that measure internal game events. These metric events will help my client see what players like to do most within the game so they will know what improvements to focus on in the future. (See analytic examples below)

Beta Launch Video

One of the most time-consuming highlights of this project was creating the public launch video for Kingsmith. I spent many around 7.5 hours brainstorming, storyboarding, video editing, and attending meetings with my client to finish the official launch video for Kingsmith. There were over five drafts of the video that were refined until the final version of the video shown below was completed.

Music by Statikloud / Footage from Kingsmith

Product Testing

Another part of my project was product testing. I was responsible for testing every new update and completing functionality checklists. If tasks on the lists couldn’t be completed, I would report them to my client to fix them. Below is an example of one of the checklists I would complete after every update:

Project Management

Another responsibility I had for this project was project management. I assigned tickets to team members using Click Up (see below). I also reminded developers of deadlines and followed up with them on bug fixes.

Outcome Summary

This project often had changed plans and speed bumps that delayed completing goals. However, these events helped me develop my skill of being an adaptive worker. Our main goal for the whole project was to get Kingsmith launched as soon as possible. However, because of technical bugs and personal situations of my client and others, we couldn’t launch the game until the last week of the project. Although this outcome was different than what we planned, it gave me the common real-world experience of seeing projects delayed. Originally I wanted to focus on my passion for data analytics. But without the launch, there were fewer data sets to analyze. However, this stumbling block provided more opportunities to work on the project in ways I wouldn’t have done otherwise, especially in product testing.

This project was fulfilling because it provided me with a broad spectrum of skills and experience I will use in my future career. It was a fantastic experience to work with such humble people who have the same drive for success as I do. Through product testing, project management, social media platform creation, digital analytics construction, and video editing, I prepared Redbit’s video game Kingsmith for a successful launch into public testing.