Siying Wen – Ad for Asian Restaurant | Video Production

Project Name: Red Eight Asian Cuisine Restaurant Ad

Emphasis: Video Production

Red Eight Asian Cuisine Restaurant Ad

Instagram Version

Project Summary

Red Eight restaurant was opened a few months ago in Rexburg. When I talked to the owner, she said she wanted to increase restaurant awareness. I said I could definitely help her with this. So, we decided to mainly advertise Asian food and sushi to the public. Later on, I showed the owner some videos that this Ad might look like, and she told me her ideas. Finally, we agreed on the style of the video. (3hrs)

In preparation, I watched many food advertisement videos to find some inspiration. So, I did not use a traditional storyboard; instead, I took many screenshots of other Ads to show myself what scene I wanted to catch. (10 hrs.)

I used Black magic 4K with  Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 + Tokina EF 11-16mm f2.8 to film the Ad. The video took me 5 days to film. 4 days in the restaurant, and 1 day in my apartment. (50 hrs.)

After I organized all the footage, and believe that I got everything I wanted. I used Davinci Resolve to edit them. (55hrs)

Senior Showcase

I wanted to create an Asian style for my booth, So I took Brother Mawlam’s suggestion to get some fortune cookies. I also asked my friend Kiyo to write some Chinese calligraphy for me. I also printed out some BTS photos for my showcase. (5hrs)


What was your favorite part?

I enjoyed the whole process. My favorite part will be the music. It took me weeks to find a piece of music that provides a strong Japanese feeling. When I found my music, I was super excited! It turned out that my video and music matched perfectly. Besides that, I learned a lot from doing my project. First of all, I haven’t done commercial food Ads before, but now I knew how to film them and what an Ad should look like. I also learned how to effectively communicate with my clients.

What was your least favorite part?

I did not like carrying camera equipment around. First of all, I did not have a car, and most of my filming was done on weekdays, so my friends normally do not have time to give me a ride from the checkout room to my apartment. I had to walk and take everything with me alone. shooting days were definitely my workout days too!

What would I do differently next time?

I will check the equipment before leaving the checkout room because there were many times I had to come back for something that they forgot to give to me, or I had to sacrifice lighting or a scene because something was not working.

How long did this Ad take to make?

I spent 123 hrs on this project.