Liliana Ramirez – Cultivating Community with CRUSH Artisanal Drinks

Digital & Social Media

Creativity is at the core of who I am.

Naturally I found it important to look for a career where I would be challenged creatively. As I joined the Communications program, I realized that there was a happy marriage between Art and Business in Communications. From that self-realization I looked for career opportunities where I was given creative responsibility while still learning new skills that stretched and refined my abilities.

CRUSH was an opportunity that fell into my lap over the summer. I’d already started working on my Senior Project with another company but I applied to the CRUSH’s unpaid internship program anyways. I’m glad I did because it became my Senior Project instead of my original choice. Now, present day, we’ve implemented different programs, cohorts, campaigns, and partnerships to grow CRUSH LLC and their sister company Space Crepes.

My continuing goal with CRUSH is to cultivate community through connection and sweet treats! Here’s the story on how we are accomplishing that and will continue to accomplish that:

As I began my project with CRUSH is was important for the whole team to be on the same page with the branding. We created a brand guide we could all follow.

The biggest program I helped foster and create with CRUSH was the Ambassador Program. I felt like this was an important step for CRUSH to take in order to reach their target audience on social media. We searched for individuals who were teach savvy, outgoing, and were already creating social media on their own! I wanted the Ambassador Program to be mutually beneficial so we created punch cards for the Ambassadors to come in and free drinks. This way they can benefit from free drinks and create content for us at the same time! Below is example of the punch cards I personally made & designed:

The cool thing about CRUSH is that from the start it generated many loyal customers so together with Jen (co-owner of CRUSH) with created a secondary program called the Partners Program. I thought it was important to identify those individuals that were so loyal to CRUSH and that posted about us on their own time. The Partners Program gave us an opportunity to connect with local customers that otherwise would not have fit the mold of an ambassador/influencer! We were able to take some photos with them and make some reels for our Soda Boba campaign. Below is the outline for the program which was written and designed by myself.

Another aspect I was put in charge of planning out community events for CRUSH. This was one of the more daunting tasks of my Senior Project because it meant that attendance mattered, which lead to a lot of posting on social media and advertising to the local community so that these events were a success. I, along with Emiline (the graphic designer for CRUSH), created flyers for multiple events. I planned out CRUSH Live! for Back-to-School, CRUSH Live! Halloween, CRUSH’s One Year Anniversary, & the Hard Launch Space Crepes event. Below are some of the designs for our flyers:

In-between the time I spent organizing events, and working with our Ambassadors, I was able to create content for CRUSH’s instagram and reels. I learned how to make the content align with our branding, what sounds to use for more views, and what kind of content to make to relate it to boba and CRUSH itself. I made it a goal to make reels that were visually appealing, funny, and relatable. Below are some of the reel covers for Instagram that I made:

For more example check out CRUSH’s instagram:

While I had many projects and campaigns to work on it could get a little overwhelming so as I started my senior project I tried to figure out different techniques to plan out content, meetings, & different events we had. As you can see from the calendars below I created different versions every month. The most recent turned out to be the most effective! I was able to stay organized and complete my goals this way!

CRUSH was an amazing experience for me, I came curious to learn more about small businesses and having a desire to work hard for my Senior Project. I was given the creative freedom and the trust to produce work that stood out from other small businesses. I learned a ton from my Senior Project and I will take it will me for any future opportunities, for now though CRUSH has offered me a full time job with them so I’m excited to continue to work with them! Below is a video summary of my project, thank you for watching and reading!

*Graphics & design work was in collaboration with CRUSH’s graphic designer Emilline Fallin (Instagram: @winterstartart)

*All photography and videography was shot my me

Below are my time tracking sheets and a disclosure statement: