Chancey Curtis – Ole Dub’s Seasoning PR Plan

Chancey Curtis

Public Relations Emphasis

For this project, I created a public relations plan for a company called Ole Dub’s. This company is owned and run by Lilah and Wyatt Smith. They started their company about a year ago and have had enough success that they wanted to take the company a step further than they’ve been able to so far. 

Initially, the purpose of this project was to help them build traffic on their website and their Etsy shop, but about 1 month into my project, Lilah and Wyatt decided they were going to close down the Etsy shop, focus on their website and rebrand. This meant that the Etsy portion of my project was no longer relevant, so I had to switch gears a little bit. I refocused my project on the central idea of promoting traffic to their website. 

The updated purpose of this public relations plan is to increase traffic to Ole Dub’s website with the goal of increasing sales by 10% by the end of next quarter, March 2023. This PR plan will be implemented with the announcement of the rebranding and relaunching of the website at the beginning of January. I will be continuing to work with Ole Dub’s and at that time I will help them utilize the PR plan that I created for them. 

Ole Dub’s has a great foundation for success and progress. Their website, social media accounts and enthusiasm provided a great starting point. They’ve made a lot of progress over the past year and now they are ready to keep taking steps forward.

I began by outlining the PR plan in depth and researching how Ole Dub’s could achieve their goal. Once my plan was outlined, I began to work on the bulk of my project. I created 6 blog post articles featuring Ole Dub’s original recipes and repurposed content for each blog post. For each article I did keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Surfer. Each article is about 700 to 1,000 words in length.

For the repurposed content created 1 recipe video, social media posts and photos for each blog article. Each video is about 1 to 3 minutes long and can be posted on Ole Dub’s website and on social media. 

I also created an ebook using recipes from their blog to use as a lead magnet on their website as a way to build up their email address list. My research showed that email as a marketing tool will be very helpful in boosting traffic to their website. The lead magnet I created is a template that will include two exclusive recipes in order to add exclusivity and draw more people to download it.

I then turned my focus to researching advertising and email marketing tools that would be relevant to the basic demographics of Ole Dub’s target audience. Throughout the course of my research, I found that Facebook and Instagram advertising would be the best social media ads to invest in. I also found that Google advertising would be a great way to increase website traffic and that they have options available for small businesses. 

After I’d done all the research, written the articles, edited the videos and created the social media posts I created the public relations plan booklet as a resource for Ole Dub’s. My PR Plan includes an evaluation and stewardship section.

The evaluation of this PR plan will not be tracked until January 2023 when Ole Dub’s announces their rebranding and relaunch. At that point, this plan will go into effect and will be able to be evaluated. I will be continuing to work with Ole Dub’s and will be doing much of the implementation of this PR Plan. I will be able to evaluate the plan myself using Google Analytics, Meta Insights and Wix Analytics. I have also provided information for Lilah and Wyatt so they understand how to use those tools and evaluate the plan themselves.

Project Materials

PR Plan Booklet

Time Accounting

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