Chelsea Nerdin – Launching Ctrl-C-Ctrl-V Design

Emphasis – Public Relations


Back in October 2021, I was hired as a manager for an apartment complex in Rexburg, Idaho. Immediately after starting in my position I realized that my favorite part of the job was designing posts and fliers for the activities we did or handouts that we attached to treats for the residents. 

I designed things for the company using Canva, a free digital creation website. I learned that I could create something completely from scratch by using the elements, shapes and fonts the site offered. Every time I created a new thing I just felt so excited! I wanted to continue doing that forever. 

When I was promoted within the company I stopped designing things which was so sad. I was more in charge of the day to day office work, and I missed creating things daily.

That’s where my journey to start my online shop started. I wanted to have a creative outlet. I spent hours researching how to go about starting my own digital print out business. It’s a very competitive field right now which was discouraging at first, but I’m determined to make it work someday in the future. 

The Goal

The overall hope of Ctrl-C-Ctrl-V Design is to provide affordable printouts for anyone who needs a handout, flier or attachment. Within the shop and on social media I give ideas as to what the downloads could be used for. Many of them meant to be attached to some sort of item such as bubbles, socks or otter pops. Other downloads can stand alone, such as bookmarks, to-do lists and cards. 

Every item in the shop costs 20 cents to download. The download is sent immediately to the buyers email and they can then print it off and cut it up. Every design is already formatted. The buyer will receive an image as well as a PDF with anywhere from four to twelve images. 

The simplicity of the shop along with the cost effectiveness has supported my goal in making this shop as convenient as possible. 

How it Went

I originally hoped to be able to track sales throughout the semester, however, halfway through my goal changed and I just decided to start tracking traffic to the site. 

My marketing involved running ads through Etsy and promoting the products on social media. Throughout the whole month of September and most of October I didn’t receive any views. Slowly my view rate started to go up. As I continue to create more designs and market the shop more I know my site traffic will increase and one day my goal can be to get more sales. 

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