Abril Arellano- Motivational Speaker

Public Relations


I would be a motivational speaker one day. The senior project was a perfect opportunity to build my brand and execute Public Relations work. The BYU-Idaho Communications program gave me the main tools to start this project. I had to do a little bit of everything: graphic design, video editing, social media, public speaking, and advertising. 

The name of my brand is “Abril Arellano Inspirational.” The main objectives of my brand are to awaken awareness, elevate consciousness, and share wisdom even though my content is for everyone between 25 to 50. I wanted to target males precisely because in my research I learned that males have a harder time motivating themselves to achieve goals or express their needs when it comes to interpersonal relations.

I choose a topic that I could develop, research, and share with my audience. The name of this first topic was “Life is Movement.” This topic emphasizes that life is always changing nothing stays the same. Most of the time we have a hard time accepting change and letting go of what no longer serves us. Also, we get too comfortable with the commodities that we have thinking that those things never are going to change. In reality, nothing is promised and unexpected change will happen. It is crucial for my project to bring awareness and elevate my audience’s consciousness about this topic.

I used two main tools to share my topic “Life is movement.” The first one was Instagram. I created content and live videos. Also, I delivered a motivational speech to an audience of 20 people.

Senior Showcase

I had the opportunity to present my project to students and professors in the senior showcase.

Senior Showcase Presentation

Why do I love Public Relations?

Public Relations and motivational speaking have two factors that go hand to hand. First, listen to your audience, and second meet their needs. I love listening to people because there is so much learning involved. It takes interpersonal skills to be able to empathize with and understand their needs and wants. Personally, I love interacting with people, listening to them, and providing valuable content that can help them in their interpersonal lives.


The main colors of the brand are red and black because my targeted audience is males between 25-50.

Poster Design

I designed the main poster for the video series “Life is Movement.” I choose blue and white as the main colors. Rain is an important element in the poster because shows movement.

Public Relations Plan

I created a basic PR plan to help reach the goals and objectives of the project.


I did a reseach before I started created content. I used six different resources to understand the basics of my topic. Also, it helped me to creat my outline for my speech.

Speech Outline

This is the outline I used for my speech.

Power Point Presentation

This is the power point presentation I used to present my speech.


I used Instagram as a tool to share 4 main videos about “Life is Movement.” I was able to apply editing skills to free-use licensed videos. Also, I used this page to do live videos on regular bases and promote my speech delivery. I did not get a lot of followers on my page because I ran it organically. Twenty followers participated as my audience for my speech.



I created video content with free-use videos. I was able to practice my editing skills. These videos are simple but it took me a lot of hours to put them together.

Time Sheet

This timesheet shows how I distribute my time for the senior showcase.