Turning Back Time


Turning Back Time was an idea I had to help families preserve their most cherished memories. The idea was to have a sit-down interview with a family and have them tell me their favorite stories while recording them. After the interview, I would edit the video and add their favorite photos and videos that would help make the video come to life. The purpose of this was to help a family remember every little detail within their favorite stories and to help future generations remember their family’s stories from their ancestor’s perspective.



There were many challenges that I faced while trying to complete my goal. The first challenge was trying to find a family to work with. Not too many families were available during the time I needed to film. I was blessed with the Snyder family. They were very easy to work with, and they had a great story to tell. Another challenge I faced was videoing the interviews. The Snyders’ apartment was a little smaller than expected, so working with a lighting kit was challenging.  


The process of this video was long. I had to find a family to work with and choose a date that worked best for them. I also had to learn how to use camera gear. For example, I had to learn how to work the camera, a light kit, and microphones. After that, I had to learn how to run the editing software where I would compile all the videos together. Next, I had to gather photos and videos to go along with the interviews I recorded. At last, I had to edit the video together to make the story flow naturally. 


The overall experience of this project was amazing. I loved being able to hear the Snyder family’s story and how God brought them together. The part I loved the most was showing them the end result of the video. They got emotional because of the life they have shared together so far. They are so thankful they have a video that they can show their kids when they get older. 


Turning Back Time taught me many things. The greatest thing I have taken away is how important it is to save and cherish family stories. I have learned that with the resources we have today, it is not hard to save memories and stories for future generations to learn from.