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Joseph Tyre
EIRMC Employee Mission Moments
Video Emphasis

Not the video I wanted

This was not the project I intended to do. This project was much better. My original plan was to do YouTube style car repair videos for a local dealership. When the car dealership I planned to approach was closed I knew something wasn’t right. I prayed and God led me to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) of all places. I didn’t know anyone at the hospital, but I did my best and reached out to the marketing director. I used many of the techniques I learned in the writing communication classes and added in some professional sales skills as well (learned through my electives). She was confused at first as to why a Video Communication Major would want to work with a hospital for their senior project. However, I explained to her that one of my deepest desires is to work in the communication department at the Kettering Health Network, a hospital group in my hometown.

Project Management

This senior project would not only show my video abilities, but it would showcase my talents in project management. EIRMC is the largest hospital in the area employing over 1,500 people and containing 292 beds. Coleen Niemann, the marketing director, and I worked with 14 different employees to set up mission moments. EIRMC’s mission is “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.” Nurses, X-ray Specialists, Lab Technicians, and Doctors all came to share their stories. Friday, February 24th was one of the longest shoots I’ve ever done starting at nearly 7 AM and not ending until a little after 5 PM. Back-to-back interviews followed by footage of the hospital took it out of me. However, the result was amazing. We had captured wonderful stories from heroes who often go unrecognized.

Finding the Need

The finished result was 14 mission moment videos for Coleen to be able to use for meetings, social media, and to boost team morale. However, that’s not the thing I’m most proud of. I’m proud that I was able to seek out an established brand, find a need, and provide value. EIRMC is a big company and I’m happy I was able to work with them. Coleen Niemann was excited with the results and we are still in close contact today.

Question & Answer

How long did this all take you?

The actual day of filming took 10 hours. A full day of interviews and filming. The preparation however took far longer. 3 Hours were dedicated to my mentor, Christian Mawlam, walking me through best practices. The negotiation to even get on the EIRMC campus took 8-10 hours of emails and calls back in forth, they don’t just let anyone on the property. Editing as always took the longest with 20+ on the computer. The product was well worth it in the end.

How did this move the needle at EIRMC?

In two ways really. Coleen Niemann is one of only two marketing employees at the hospital. She doesn’t get a lot of time to connect with the staff who handle the patients on a day to day basis. This gave her the opportunity to meet with them, hear their stories, and help them feel understood. As well Coleen posts to social media almost daily. 10 hours of gathering content helped her to have new and exciting posts for the EIRMC outreach.

What are you proudest of?

This really pushed my skills to the limit. I knew I could do it, but this would be the largest and highest level project I have done to date. I’ve never worked with such big company before. I was also able to learn a little After Effects for the project which really brought the production value up a level. I’m so grateful for the opportunity EIRMC gave me.

My final thoughts


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