Sadie Cox- A Digital Campaign for Noesis Engineering

Sadie Cox, Public Relations emphasis

Project Summary

For my senior project, I had the opportunity to work with Noesis Engineering in creating a digital campaign. Noesis is a civil engineering firm based out of Idaho Falls. After some discussion with the owners of the firm, we concluded that their biggest need is to gain company awareness. We decided the best way to build awareness is through their online and social media presence. Throughout this project, I have been able to update their website, track Google Analytics, and add Keywords to boost SEO. I also have been able to create a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and different materials for Noesis to start a Podcast.

Time Log


This project consisted of many moving parts. To begin I put a lot of focus into their website. I was able to brainstorm with the client what type of pages and information was needed. I installed Google Analytics so I could begin tracking demographics, location, and new user information to see who we are targeting.

Noesis Engineering is going to begin offering a Drone and a 3D Scanner service. I was able to research these services and make two new pages on their website about them. On the pages I added videos and descriptions of the 3D Scanner and Drone. This is to help potential clients understand what the devices are and how they work.

I want to give a special thanks to Noesis Engineering for allowing me to use their videos they have taken with the Drone and 3D Scanner.

After adding the previous pages, I have been able to add 2 more. One page is called “Our Team”, which introduces all of our engineers. I was able to write bios about our Professional Engineers and add photos of the team. The second page I made, includes links to Noesis Engineering’s social media pages. This page is labeled “Follow Us on Our Social Media!”

Not only that, but I was able to make small adjustments throughout the front page of the website updating out of date design styles. The website previously had a slideshow of pictures. I removed those photos and added a video made by one of the drones.

The website has been linked below.

After these pages have been made, I was able to add more Keywords to the website. I spent time researching on Google Trends to see what types of phrases and keywords are ranking in the area now. I added broader keyword matches such as “Structural Engineer”, “Civil Engineering”, and so on.

As a result, from adding keywords, content, and pages to optimize the website, we began gaining more new users. The graph below shows 103 new users visiting the website within the past two weeks.

Through the website, I have learned so much about how to create new pages and optimize a website through the free version of WordPress.


Noesis Engineering has been wanting to start up a podcast between the two owners for some time now, but they have not started it quite yet. I thought this would be a great opportunity to gather materials to help this company get on their feet and get their podcast started. A podcast is a great way to gain a personal relationship with clients online, in hopes it will bring in more work.

I was able to brainstorm a podcast name and create logos for my client to use when they are ready to begin creating episodes.

I spent more time researching how to create a podcast and collected my best top tips. With these tips, I created a booklet showcasing the top 4 tips of beginning a podcast for the first time. Listed below are the different pages of the booklet.

In addition, a branding kit was made showing the fonts and colors used throughout their logos. If Noesis is wanting to create new logos or any other materials in the future for this podcast, the branding kit will be able to help guide them through the same style guide.

Social Media

Since the goal is to create a better online presence, I created a new social media account on Instagram for them to begin showcasing their work. I created a Facebook page and made a cover photo for them as well.

Facebook Cover Photo

After creating Instagram and Facebook pages, I made a weekly content calendar to help the company have something to follow in the creation and execution of their posts on social media.

How my project “moved the needle”

Throughout my project, I have been able to continuously track Google Analytics to see who Noesis Engineering’s target audience is. I have gathered information about how users are navigating to the website, what type of device they are using, where they are from, and what pages they are most often visiting. I have made an infographic below explaining these findings. As mentioned above in the “website” section, I have been able to track the success of the website optimization, and how well it is ranking by seeing how many new users are visiting the website.

In the future, I am hoping the social media content calendar, the branding kit for the podcast, podcast logos, and the podcast booklet can help Noesis Engineering gain even more online awareness and help with their online presence.

All in all, this project has taught me so much! I have learned a great deal about podcasts, website design and creation, Google Trends and Analytics, and so much more. It has been a successful project and I have already seen more awareness through this companies’ online presence.

I do want to give Noesis Engineering a special thank you for allowing me to use their Logo in some creative pieces made.

Noesis’ Logo