Kimberlee Sypher-BerryTherapyThoughts

Emphasis: Public Relations(But my project focused on Social Media)

Project Summary: I worked with Belinda Berryhill for my senior project, the owner of BerryTherapyThoughts. She has recently started her brand through social media to share her 20 years of experience in family, marriage, addiction, and trauma healing while being a Psychotherapist in Training (LCSW). As her social media manager, I plan to analyze engagement data, plan various online campaigns to build Belinda’s online presence, and develop and implement strategies to strengthen her online social media presence. I will educate and guide Belinda through the process so she can feel confident in maintaining the progress I will achieve for her social media. I will do this by creating simple/clear templates(that can be used year-long for her social media accounts), executing a detailed social media content calendar that she can continue, and educating her on the importance of staying up with the current trends to build brand engagement.

50 Hours Breakdown:

  • 15hrs: Weekly meetings with client
  • 5hrs: Producing brand kit, content calendar, and additional research
  • 10hrs: Creating multiple design/template options for the client
  • 15hrs: Creating, writing copy, and posting social media content
  • 5hrs: Replying to comments, analyzing engagement, and adapting our posting schedule for the most success

Examples of Social Media Posts:

Brand Kit & Content Calendar:

Before & After Stats:

Outcomes Summary: For my client Belinda, her top priority was creating a cohesive, clean, and neat aesthetic for all her social media platforms. As such, I made multiple simple templates that can easily be manipulated to fit her liking. These templates will help support her efforts to achieve the established content calendar. The results from these templates have been tremendous design-wise and with their easy navigation for my client.

During this time being Belinda’s social media manager, I also kept track of the engagement on all platforms. This helped us focus on the most successful content styles/ideas. By completing my project, I set up my client for continued achievement within social media. I obtained stats to back up the content, developed compelling neat templates, and created unison within her brand through a brand kit.

However, the most critical component for me as the social manager was that Belinda could maintain what I’ve done herself. Everything I did was about making content creation easy and self-explanatory for Belinda. The result of doing so was that Belinda now has confidence in the world of social media and the growth/success of her business!