Mychaela Fawson – Fawson Fotos Photography Business

My project was launching my Fawson Fotos photography business. Previously I had taken pictures of friends and family. This semester I focused on networking for my business, creating a business website, and creating a pricing guide for my business. Through direct networking face-to-face with people my photoshoots increased by 57%. I learned that direct referrals is the best way to increase my business. For this project I took photos for a wedding, individual portraits, graduation, pet portraits, executive, and mission photos. I also have the opportunity to take pictures for a couple non-profit events coming up.

I spent 56 hours on my project photographing clients and preparing for these photoshoots, editing photos, sending photos, and establishing my business. I created a website for my business, updated my social media and spent time directly networking with people.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project! A special thanks to Brock Smith for creating business cards for Fawson Fotos, and for Haley, Hailey, Sarah, Angeline, and Hannah and Aina for having me be their photographer.