McKenna Hines – Establishing River Cavaliers

Summary of Project – Public Relations

I recently brought home a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Daisy Mei. I bought her with plans to breed her, and used my senior project to officially establish my business. 

My business name is River Cavaliers. I am from Washington State, and live right on the Columbia River. I love where I’m from, so making this my business name is personally meaningful to me. 

For my senior project, I established River Cavaliers. I did this by creating an official logo, website, facebook page, email, and business cards. In conjunction with the business, I made an Instagram account for my dog Daisy Mei. This Instagram account is used to grow relationships with brands and I’m slowly gaining a following. I will eventually announce my breeding business on this Instagram account, but for now my goal is to continue making brand deals and eventually making money through posting content of my dog. 

Campaign Plan

Branding, Logo, Business Cards, Website, Social Media 

Brand Deals

As of now, I am working with three brands. I am contacting often by brands and individuals, but I am trying to only put effort into brands that have a substantial following. My most exciting brand deal is with Pack Leashes on Instagram. 

They created a personal discount code for me “DAISYMEI20” to promote their page and products. This code gets shoppers 20% off their purchase, and I get 20% commission on any sale including my discount code. Pack Leashes has over 700k followers on Instagram, and they are willing to post pictures of my dog and tag my account. I’m really excited to continue working with them. 

I also have collaborated with Doggie Republic and Woof Chewy Official on Instagram. 

Time Accounting  

Total – 50 hours

Measurement for “Moving the Needle” 

My success is currently measured by the amount of followers on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, my next goal is to grow my email newsletter list. For now I will continue measuring success through followers and post engagement. 

As I continue to gain followers I will promote my website and email newsletter, and will then be able to launch official email campaigns. I will be able to view reports on the open rate of emails and how many people subscribe / unsubscribe. 

I plan to use this business in the future. When Daisy has her first litter of puppies next year, I will rely on the work I’ve done now to be effective.


I am grateful for this opportunity, and I’m excited to continue growing my contact list and experience in social media. I’m proud of myself for building a working website, and for doing it all on my own. I learned a lot from this project as well as from my time at BYU-Idaho. I will miss it here, and I’ll always be grateful for the professors and knowledge I’ve gained here.