Graciela Martinez | The Emotionally Driven Podcast & Social Media Campaign

Digital and Social Media Emphasis


In this project, I created the beginning of my Emotionally Driven Podcast. Many professional podcasts usually create a couple of episodes before they officially start streaming. I wanted to do the same, so the idea was to create 3 full episodes, and the social media posts and blogposts that would be used to promote each one. And to also do research to create an audience analysis and competitor analysis before hand to create better material.

This podcast has been my little baby idea for years now. I always loved feelings, talking, and pop culture. Thus, the Emotionally Driven was created. My podcast focuses on the emotions and experiences we encounter in our 20s because we are human, with some pop culture and humor mixed in.

Each episode starts with a voice memo of me talking about a specific topic (dating, friendship, mental health, breakups, i.e. human experiences) in my car, because I think we do our most introspective thinking while driving. The next portion of the podcast, I bring someone who has experience in that topic and we have a more in-depth conversation about it (not in the car though).

The Process And Work

Audience analysis and Competitor analysis.

I knew what I wanted my podcast to be about, but I needed to do research beforehand. This is what I gathered.

Content Pillars

From there, I was able to pinpoint my content pillars for my podcast/social media content.

The Episodes

Then, I started making the podcast episodes. I created and edited all my episodes on Adobe Audition. The song I used for the podcast episodes is Siesta by Jahzzar, licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.

Episode 1: Self-Love with McKinley Bradshaw

Episode 2: Heartbreaks/Break-ups with Camila Lemere Pt. 1

Episode 3: Heartbreaks/Break-ups with Camila Lemere Pt. 2

Podcast Cover Creation

From there, chose my brand colors and made the podcast cover. I sketched it first on paper, then on ProCreate on my iPad, then created it on Adobe Illustrator.

Here is my final podcast cover:


Then I created four blogposts. One that is an explanation of what the Emotionally Driven Podcast is, and three that focus on each podcast episode. Here are the links:

Social Media Posts

I made a mood board for what I wanted the style of the podcast’s instagram to look like. I wanted everything to look girly, a bit vintage, dreamlike, and fun. I also know I wanted to make collages and I wanted hearts to be used often.

Then I started on the social media posts, I decided on 10 posts for the three podcast episodes I made. The first post tells of what the podcast is about. There would be three posts each week after that. One photo post and one collage post that would lead to the podcast episode or blogpost I wrote that week, and one video that would show an audio snippet of the episode released that week.

You can view all the posts here:


I made three week’s worth of content for my podcast that I would like to start in the future. This project is very much a passion project for me. It was time consuming, but I loved every second of the process. As a Digital and Social Media Emphasis, I wanted my Senior Project to reflect my strengths. I think my strengths lie in being creative, writing, and sharing stories. I think this project perfectly showcases this. I learned how important passion is to creating good content. Each part of this project was something I enjoyed doing. Each part was tedious and had it’s hard moments but overall seeing the final product was rewarding. I think it will help me as a content creator to know what the process is to creating a variety of content for a brand.

Time Spent:

  • Audience and Competitor Analysis: 10 hours
  • Creating and Editing Podcast Episodes: 16 hours
  • Podcast Cover: 6 hours
  • Blogposts: 10 hours
  • Social Media Posts: 11 hours
  • Senior Showcase Prep: 5 hours

Totaling: 57 hours