Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation

Public Relations Emphasis

When I started to look for a company to work with for my senior project, I knew I wanted to find one where I could make a difference. I didn’t want my project just to be pushed under the rug when all was said and done- instead, I wanted my work to be evident even after I was gone.

I found the perfect company in LHM & Co., a B2B marketing firm based in Minnesota that worked with engineering firms and companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The company was established in the summer of 2020, and while it consisted of talented marketers, they were all stretched to the limit responsibility-wise. Because of this, their social media was lacking and not properly representing the company and the incredible work they did.

I decided to make it my job to create a social media presence for them that showed the exemplary work they did. I wanted people to be confident in LHM & Co’s abilities and professionalism when they were done stalking their social pages. After meeting with the CEO, Lesley Harmoning, and establishing that I would work for them, we decided that I would create 35 social posts for them spread out over LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. On top of this, I would also write two blogs- helping a non-marketing audience understand why certain things need to happen through marketing to help them sell their products.

The Work Being Done

To fulfill my agreement with LHM & Co., I wrote content about…

  1. The services they offered- branding and strategy, web development, pr marketing, etc…
  2. The design engineering publications they represented out of Europe and China
  3. The blogs they had previously written

When I wrote my blogs, I focused on what readers would want and need to know if they were new to the marketing field or weren’t marketing-related but needed tips or tricks. I published two blogs for the company, one titled “Message clarity is key” and the other, “Yes B2B companies, social media is for you, too.”

My Accomplishments

While my initial object for LHM & Co. had been to bring professionalism and expertise to their various social pages, I also wanted to help the company better understand how to increase the impressions and clicks their posts would get. I could monitor which platform performed the best for their needs and see who interacted with those posts.

I found out that LinkedIn was their number one social platform and that their followers had grown by 277 people over the several months I had taken over. We also discovered that posting on a consistent schedule garnered more impressions and clicks than randomly posting. It also helped to write creative copy that was interesting to read.

I was very happy with my project knowing I accomplished my objectives.

My Time Sheet