Jake Daly – PLANetary

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Project Summary

For my project, I designed the user experience (UX) for an innovative app that helps people better plan their week. The main goal of the app is to simplify the process of scheduling and organizing one’s time by integrating with existing Google or Outlook calendars and using artificial intelligence (AI) to ask users questions that are important to know in order to plan a week effectively.

To achieve this, I started by developing a user-centric approach that placed the user’s needs and preferences at the center of the design process. I conducted user research to gather insights on user pain points and requirements for a scheduling app, and used these insights to create a user persona that guided the design decisions.

The app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The integration with existing calendars ensures that users don’t have to manually input appointments and events. The AI component is used to ask users targeted questions about their week, such as whether they need to clean their kitchen or run errands, and whether they need to purchase anything for these activities. The app uses the responses to these questions to generate a comprehensive weekly plan that includes reminders, tasks, and appointments.

Throughout the design process, I focused on ensuring that the app was aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. I created wireframes and prototypes to test the app’s functionality and UX design, and used feedback from user testing to refine the design.

In addition to the core features of the app, I also implemented several supplementary features that further enhance the user experience. One of these features is the ability for users to set priorities for their tasks and appointments. This allows the app to generate a personalized schedule that places a higher emphasis on important tasks and appointments.

Another key feature of the app is its ability to learn from user behavior and adapt accordingly. For example, if a user consistently marks a particular task as completed ahead of schedule, the app may adjust its scheduling algorithms to give the user more time to complete that task in future weeks.

Overall, the app provides a seamless solution for people who struggle with scheduling and time management. By leveraging the power of AI and integrating with existing calendars, the app creates a comprehensive weekly plan that takes into account all of the user’s needs and obligations.

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