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Strategic Organizational Communication

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An Overview

Ever since I was a kid, I have been enthralled by small shops full of thrifted clothes and trinkets. This deep love for retail and small businesses inspired me to pursue my bachelor’s in Strategic Organization. I had initially started classes regarding management and marketing all while taking interest in the abundance of small businesses that thrived in Rexburg, Idaho. One particular thrift store that caught my eye was Thrifted Lennons; I soon volunteered to model for their clothing as my love grew for the craft of buying and selling clothing. The photo above is one of the pictures taken for Thrifted Lennons to sell their array of clothing.

I soon realized that the more I bought and sourced from different thrift stores there in Rexburg and online, the more interest I had in starting a business of my own.

After completing most of my college education and gaining Hootsuite and Adobe Certificates, I felt qualified to start branding myself and selling my own thrifted clothing on Depop. This app was full of potential! For my senior project, I hope to showcase the magic I have completed by exploring that sandbox of possibilities.

I began my journey with Thrift With PJ in late 2022 by uploading several items from my closet that I felt I needed to let others enjoy. As I sent more packages and received positive reviews, my desire to buy and sell evolved. I began reinventing my wardrobe as I went in hopes to avoid the practice of becoming a “depop” scalper or in other words someone who buys clothes purely for the purpose of reselling them for a more expensive price only. I also began to help family members sell their clothing as well, dividing the cut as agreed upon. They became one of the many clients I’d work with on my journey, as well as those who bought from my online website.

Now, my website Thrift With PJ is an opportunity for people to sell their well-loved and stylish items and give them to homes that need them. I utilize several tools in the app and out of the app to accomplish this, as well as skills in social media marketing and photoshop.

As the owner of my own small business, it is my goal to keep my site growing exponentially. I plan to do this by finding more useful ways to promote and evolve my brand through other social media websites outside of Depop.

Video Presentation

Project Materials


This is the page I have created on Depop! I have a steadily growing following and receive offers and likes daily. Since I am just starting, I am very proud of how far I have grown.


The first image is a sample of the clothes I have selling on Depop currently. I use the app Picsart to edit these photos, as well as my camera app to take them. These photos take several hours to produce and edit, which is where a majority of the fun is for me.

Social Media Outreach & Hashtags

The photo above displays the social media aspect of the app. I have used tags that are well-versed in the fashion community to draw attention to my clothing being sold. Researching clothing and finding out the genre and energy each item provides is essential to this process.

Raving Reviews

I have received several positive and no negative reviews regarding my services, which brings me great joy! I also am able to review the customer, spreading positivity all throughout.


I have spent over 50+ this past year shopping, organizing, editing, and posting clothes for Thrift With PJ. Each moment is a blessing, and I hope to continue to bring more joy in the years to come.