Ashley Ping | Prospective Student Department Flyers

Digital and Social Media Emphasis

The Brigham Young University-Idaho Admissions office is typically the first stop for those who want to learn more about campus. In 2022, just under 2,000 campus tours were given, and BYU-Idaho had almost 8,000 people on these tours. As I have worked in the Admissions office as a campus tour guide, I have been able to meet with students who have a wide interest in majors and topics. As a team, we have seen a lack of information available to students from certain departments and so this project is focusing on the creation of flyers containing general information about the specified department. Throughout the duration of this project, I have been able to meet with departments (or clients) and work with them on design and content they would like on their flyer.

After creating a template, each flyer will be tailored to each client. Multiple meetings with each client will take place to make sure information is accurate and represents the department well. The information we wanted to be included on the flyers included, department overview, skills needed for a career in the desired field, career opportunities, average salaries, first semester courses, or special clubs and societies that each department offers.

The Process

My goal for this project was to work with each academic department, and there are 32 across BYU-Idaho. I knew going into this that not every single department would want a flyer made for them initially, so I had to go in with an open mind. I set a goal for myself to make 30 of these flyers. I began meeting with departments can building trust with my new clients. When I had received a good amount of yes’s from departments, I was able to start the drafting process. I knew I needed to be within the BYU-Idaho branding guidelines, so I referred to the website often throughout this process.

My initial drafts looked like this:

This was my first real experience working with clients, and in this project, I had many. My main client was the Admissions office, but beyond that, each department was a client. The Director of Admissions had given me input on design changes and changes to content, as well as my mentor which I was able to implement. Some departments were very hands on throughout the process, and some were the opposite.

After implementing the changes I was given, the new template I was working with looked like this:

What I Learned

I am grateful for the chance I had to work on this project. First of all, I learned that working with so many different types of people definitely showed its challenges, but it was a really great way of teaching me patience and also compromise. I am planning on continuing this project until I graduate in April and keep learning more about this campus and what it has to offer. I have recently accepted a job offer to be an Admissions counselor at the University of Utah, and while these are two very different schools, this project provided me with the motivation to get to know BYU-Idaho and I can take this new knowledge to the U.

Below are links to all 30 completed flyers, and the time log I kept for this project.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project, I would like to express the utmost gratitude to Westin Cordier, Natalie Gay, Riley Hall, and Jason Reeder.