Sundays Are for the Brethren Podcast

The Podcast:

Podcasts are something that I have been a fan of for a while. Recently I got into a subtopic of podcast called video podcast popularized by popular YouTubers. It made me realize that I enjoyed watching other people talk visually rather than on audio because it felt more personable when I could see them. So, I decided to
give a crack at video podcast for my senior project. I brought a total of 5.
guest and we talked about anything and everything. It was us guys just.
talking.  I recorded a total of four episodes each running about an
hour and a half and uploaded them on YouTube. I spent about a total of 65 hours.
on this project with a majority going towards uploading and scheduling these
podcast.  Here is the link to all podcast episodes (
Although I thought the podcast would do great, it sadly didn’t “move the
needle” in my standards. 
There is a common perception that people from
Rexburg are two dimensional, which is totally false. With this Podcast I
searched for the most interesting people here. We had people from all walks of
life explain things they enjoy doing and hobbies.

One of the greatest things I have learned. from doing this podcast is learning how to interview people. There are some people which I interview who are very easy to conversate with. Then there were others who would just respond with a yes or no, which is not really helpful.

My plan in the future for this podcast is to start taking little clips and post them on other content and other forms preferably tik tok. I’ve seen other video podcast do a great and tremendous job by doing this. I Have seen quite a few Videos podcast do the same thing.