Tessa Fronk – Rexburg Deals – Southeast Idaho Wedding eCatalog

Tessa Fronk

Strategic Organizational Communication


Within this senior project, I had the opportunity to connect and work with numerous businesses in the Madison, Teton, Jefferson, and Bonneville counties. Along side Rexburg Deals, a local company decided to bring discount and deal opportunities to the residents of Rexburg, I constructed a virtual catalog of wedding vendors and their highlighted offer.

In November, a former roommate of mine, Brooklyn Morrill, reach out saying that she had a potential senior project opportunity. She is the creative director at Rexburg Deals and had a vision for a directory specifically made on behalf of the engaged community in Southeast Idaho area. This project would include some design, company-to-company networking, and organization of client information. Ultimately, I was excited to work with someone I previously knew, utilize my organization skills, and develop design assets.

The evolution is what made this project so gratifying. What started out as a pdf, booklet quickly became an interactive magazine and then its own website directory. Along with Brooklyn, we focused more on the audience, the effectiveness, and the timelessness of this project. These focuses helped us make decisions that were ultimately a game-changer for the outcome.

My personal main focuses were community outreach, extracting of information, and communication. Creating email templates, I was able to identify and introduce Rexburg Deals to new and returning clients. While there was an array of familiarity between the vendors, it was essential to write based on what the businesses needed. Constructing the introduction, question and answer, and sneak peak emails allowed me to reach their needs. Ultimately, the thought of free advertising sold itself.

Once the emails were written and sent, it was time for construction of the website. Using Canva’s new website feature, I created 25 pages of interactive educational content. Choosing an elegant and simple color palette allows the viewer to feel calm and timeless as they are planning the biggest day of their lives.

Once the style guide was nailed down, Brooklyn focused on design while I headed communication and gathering of information. Coming together, we designed icons specific to the service, making this site easy to use and clear about its avenues. Icons such as shop, webpage, email, Instagram, and Facebook were just a few of the options.

At the completion of the website, we sent yet another email to the vendors. This email allowed them to see the product first and share it with those who are in their target marketing audience. The business cards below are a direct link to the site.

If you know of anyone in the southeast Idaho region who is engaged or soon to be engaged, share this post with them. This directory ultimately works as a digital wedding planner. No need to hire one when all the resources are at your finger tips, and discounted too.


At this conclusion, I have learned an incredible amount about networking, design, and myself through this 10 week project. When contacting potential clients, I have found that sending an initial email, then calling a few days later helps to clarify and build trust. When developing a website, I have a better understanding of simplicity and white space and how those are used to help your viewers. Overall, when working with anyone, always be prepared, organized, and personable.

Special thanks to Rexburg Deals, Brooklyn Morrill, and my professors throughout the years that have allowed me to learn, make mistakes, and take accountability. Without these individuals, I would not be in this position.

To learn more about me and my experience see my LinkedIn page.