Ellika Barlow – Children and Adolescent Well-being: Poverty, Hunger, & Behavioral Health

Strategic Organizational Communication

My Project

Did you know that 11% of children in the Southeast Idaho area live below the poverty line? Or that 10% of children face food insecurity? Or that 50% of adolescents didn’t receive the mental health care they needed? These are all real issues children and adolescents face in real time in Southeast Idaho.

With the opening of the behavioral clinic, the welfare of children and adolescents has been on the minds of several leaders for local non-profits. One of those local non-profits, Voice Advocacy, wanted to host a community conversation to bring awareness to both the opening of the behavioral clinic and the issues faced by children and adolescents in the community. I signed on to assist with this project in whatever way I could.

Soon into the project, we realized that the community needed to be introduced to viable resources. With this new information, we pivoted from a community conversation to a panel discussion and resource fair.

In the end, my responsibilities included social media campaign design and implementation, grant research, and community outreach. I worked with several other people to accomplish these tasks.

The commonality that held this project come together was project management. There were multiple tasks that had to be managed in order to create an event that would be valuable to the community.

In total, I spent 55 hours. I learned key lessons about project management, refined multiple professional skills, and added to my portfolio. I hope that this event will help introduce community members to resources that will alleviate the burdens their children face.