Unwrapping The Importance of Strategy

Megan Chormicle

Digital & Social Media

My senior project is focused on showcasing the benefits of influencer marketing and the development of a solid content and brand strategy. I showcased my development of the brand, Lola Blankets, influencer marketing campaign, how it aided their overall growth, and provided insights into creating successful influencer marketing campaigns and content calendars. I took charge of the campaign’s development, reaching out to influencers, and improving Lola Blankets’ content and brand strategy. Despite Lola Blankets’ strong brand identity and message, my project aimed to explore it further and enhance it through new and improved internal strategies like A Branding Strategy Guide, influencer marketing programs, and a 3-month long content calendar.

In total, this project took me 56.6 hours to complete. The hourly breakdown is as follows:

May 2, 2023 – May 5, 2023 (9.6 hours): Met with Lola Blankets to develop and structure the 2 influencer programs, and created the welcome campaigns for each program.

May 8, 2023 – May 11, 2023 (8.6 hours): Continued to refine the influencer programs and created an Influencer Outreach Master List. Started planning the content calendars based on the provided sales calendar.

May 16, 2023 – May 19, 2023 (6.5 hours): Added influencers to the Outreach Master List and began reaching out to them. Started the outline of the branding strategy book. Created the Warehouse Sale Campaign for the Lola VIP program.

May 24, 2023 – May 31, 2023 (7.1 hours): Refined the content calendars after meeting with Lola Blankets, applied revisions, and completed them. Created the Memorial Day Sale Campaign for both influencer programs.

June 2, 2023 – June 8, 2023 (7.8 hours): Finished the outline of the branding strategy boo and finished designing the content calendars.

June 10, 2023 – June 16, 2023 (15.5 hours): Designed and completed the branding strategy book, and printed all visual elements.

June 20, 2023 – June 21, 2023 (2.5 hours): Put together the influencer marketing PowerPoint, and practiced elevator speech. Created the 4th of July Sale Campaign for both influencer programs.

Throughout my time working on this project, I was able to successfully accomplish all of my goals. I was able to create the influencer marketing programs from the ground up, making over $21,000 worth of sales in the last 10 weeks, which showcased the importance and benefit of influencer marketing for businesses. Additionally, I was able to plan out content for 3 months, which helped Lola Blankets understand the importance strategy from content calendars. Lastly, I created 2 marketing campaigns to help increase sales over the slow summer months. Although these 2 campaigns have not been implemented yet, Lola Blanket’s has full intent in implementing them next summer season.

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