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Mary Holm
Digital & Social Media

I’m addicted to soda. So, in order to fuel that addiction, I ran Great Scott’s social media. I worked with them to create quality content for in order to increase engagement, and increase sales, especially for the Lodge location. I created 30 total posts and at least 50 stories for Instagram and Facebook, and 17 posts for TikTok. Since they will need guidance once I am done, I created a style guide, content calendar for a month after, a content library, and a content bank that includes at least 30 extra ideas. I also completed a content strategy, competitor analysis and an audience analysis.

Time Accounting

Content Editing: 15 hours

Content Creating: 20 hours

Meeting with Lane: 7 hours

Content Planning: 10 hours

My Process:

Once a week I went in to the downtown location to film content. I filmed the workers making drinks, and took pictures of the store. I also filmed other products being put together like ice cream sandwiches and cones. I met with Lane, the manager, around every other week to discuss content strategy and how things were going. We would both come with ideas and pick the best ones to use. Lane was amazing to work with. Depending on the content, I would send it to her to approve. Other times I was able to post without showing her what it would be. She is a busy hard working woman, and I was happy to help her take Great Scott’s social media to the next level.

I then edited content almost every day in order to have things to post. I engaged with people and ran the tone of the account, but left questions people had for Lane to answer.


I had several ideas to increase sales. These were different campaigns and posts. For the Lodge location, I made a video talking about how I go there because there is never a line. It was our best performing reel! It got 4225 plays, 226 likes, 8 comments, 11 shares, and 5 saves. This means a lot of people saw it and liked it. However, the traffic to that location did not increase by a lot. We are starting another campaign this week that will be a competition between two different apartment complexes that will drive more traffic. However, due to the timing, I will not be able to report on the perfomance.

Another campaign we did to increase sales and see how social media affected them was the reel discount. This is where I would post a video of us making a drink, and then tell people that if they ordered that specific drink and told them to include the “reel discount”, they would receive 75¢ off of a 32 oz or 44 oz drink. This would help us know if the reels were successful. We tried this two different times. The first time, 15 people asked for the discount. This isn’t a crazy large number, but it still shows that people saw it and used it. The second time, we onlgy got two.

We also wanted to increase sales and awareness for their apparel. I created a video showing their embroidered sweatshirts, and that got 1565 views, 114 likes, 7 comments, 7 saves, and… 51 shares! That is amazing! We sold 10 embroidered sweatshirts, and more apparel products in general than they have sold in the past.

The main campaign I helped with was Redneck Madness. This was something Lane had before I came, and I helped advertise it. It is a bracket competition of different soda flavors, and people can win prizes and free drinks. I posted an update every Monday of what drinks were making it to the next round, and who had won the prizes. This will continue until July!

Another goal was to increase engagement on their social media. We are currently running a campaign that is called “Redneck Adventures.” We want people to use a hashtag we created to show us where they take their drinks. I posted photos every other week where I took my drink using the hashtag #rexburgredneckadventures. Last week, we opened it up to everyone as a giveaway. We stated that by posting on their feed using the hashtag and tagging us, they enter to win 10 free 44 oz drinks, which is a lot! This will go on until July 7. So far we have had one person post for it, but have heard a lot of interest. I post on our stories to remind people about the competition.

Other things I have done to increase engagement is utilizing stories. I have posted several times asking people what their favorite drink is and drink suggestions they have. People enjoy this and love seeing their answers posted. I also utilize polls. When we ran out of an ice cream flavor, we wanted to get a new one. So we had the people vote! We gave them three different options to choose from. We brought in the ice cream flavor that won, Blue Moo. It sold out within 48 hours!

With my efforts of utilizing stories and creating engagement content through reels, Great Scott’s average engagement rate by reach on their Instagram has increased by 4.71%! This is a large amount. Before me, their rate was 1.4%, and is now 6.11%. I am so proud of this.

Content Analysis

This chart shows how each content topic performed with engagement. This shows that Thirsty Thursday did the best. I only posted this topic twice, but the posts were shared a lot because people want to show their friends what is happening. The average is higher since only two were posted. This is the same with Feature Friday. There aren’t a lot of posts, but people like to comment when we post their friends and talk about them. It is interesting to see how the drink making videos didn’t have a high engagement rate. This is because it is calculated by reach. The drinks videos reached a lot of people, but had the same amount of engagement as other posts.

This chart shows how each content type performed with engagement. It shows what I was discussing before, where reels get more reach but less engagement. This is common throughout social media. Graphics and carousels get less reach but more engagement. This means that using all types of content is important for different goals. When we try to reach more people, we use reels. When we want more engagement, we use graphics, carousels, and static posts.

This chart shows how caption word count correlates with engagement rate. The trend line shows that the longer the caption, the more the engagement. As time went on, I experimented with longer captions, and it worked! Another thing to note is that giveaway posts often have longer captions, and those always perform well. People love free stuff!

Download the below excel sheet to see the entire content performance chart.

Best Performing

This post got 133 likes, 2 comments, 3 saves, 9 shares, 6 profile visits, 1400 accounts reached, and a 10.5% engagement rate per reach. This did well because it was announcing a giveaway we are doing, and people were excited!

This reel got 226 likes, 8 comments, 5 saves, 11 shares, 3975 accounts reached, and a 6.3% engagement rate per reach. This did well because it is entertaining, and people didn’t know about this location, which was the point of the video.

This reel got 130 likes, 7 comments, 55 shares, 9 saves, 1,779 accounts reached, and a 11.3% engagement rate per reach. This did well because people were excited about the restock and wanted to share with their friends. The 55 shares showed that they wanted to let other people know. They also had questions that they commented that I was able to answer.


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