Abbi Rosenow – “Mother, Don’t Cry” Script

Video Production

About me

Growing up, I loved to read; I still do. I fell in love with Harry Potter and was over the moon to learn that there were movies out based on the books. When I watched them for the first time, I was in awe. After that point, I decided that I wanted to create that awe in other people through movies. Invoking emotion in people has always been my goal. Whether that be with writing a script, producing, directing, or editing.

Project Summary

I’d had the idea for this script for a while. It had always been something that I’d write eventually, or possibly never write. I thought this would be a great opportunity to flesh out this idea and work on my writing skills.

The project is a script focused on a mother-daughter duo. It follows mental health and the realities of it, especially what it can do to a relationship. In media we see child/teenager is the one that struggles with their mental health and the mother/adult is the one that helps them get through it. In “Mother, Don’t Cry” it’s reversed. The mother struggles with depression and the daughter is the one deals with the repercussions of that. I personally feel that this happens a lot, but we never see it portrayed in media. I felt like teenagers or people that are in this situation would like to have something to connect to, to feel like they aren’t alone.

A Look at the Project

The above Time Log shows how I spent my time on this project. I didn’t realize how hard it would be for me to start writing, which ended up being really stressful. With that, I spent a lot of time writing and researching specific places/things that were important to the characters. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was a close family member of mine to fall deathly ill and pass towards the end of this project. I ended up having to work overtime in the end to try and get everything ready to present. It was stressful and hard, but worth it in the end.

Mock Movie Poster

The media file is the full length script. It’s 70 pages which equates to a 70 minute film. After finishing the project, I realized that I would want the script to be longer – about another 20 pages. However, I’m proud of the work that was put in and how the script turned out.

The mock movie poster is what I would hope the real movie poster would look like one day. I was able to make it using Canva.

Looking Ahead

As I said earlier, I would like to add about 20 pages to the script. This would round it out to about a 90 minute movie. After I do that, I would do one of two things. Either I would submit it into a writing contest, or I would keep it in my back pocket for when I can direct/produce it myself.