Dallin Jenkins – Do I Belong? Life as a Gay Latter-day Saint

Dallin Jenkins – Strategic Organizational Communication emphasis Project Summary Do we belong? If so, to whom do we belong? What or who can we lean on when we’re confused and frustrated with what we’re hearing? These are some of the questions that Preston Jenkins addressed in his fireside talk on January 10th, at the RexburgContinue reading “Dallin Jenkins – Do I Belong? Life as a Gay Latter-day Saint”

Hyrum Bigelow – Star Wars Ship Effects

Project Description For my senior project, I really wanted to push myself and try something I have never done before. I have watched the original Star Wars Trilogy dozens of times. During one of my viewings, I began to wonder how they achieved the visual effects. This led me to watch the behind-the-scenes to seeContinue reading “Hyrum Bigelow – Star Wars Ship Effects”

|Alexander Wood| Total Employee Compensation Explored: From Salary to Benefits

Project: Understanding Employee Compensation Emphasis: Strategic Organization Project Summary The goal I had for this project was to better understand Employee Compensation. The reason for this is because it is a topic that covers many aspects and isn’t readily discussed. The main aspects of compensation are wages and benefits. This is the simple to understandContinue reading “|Alexander Wood| Total Employee Compensation Explored: From Salary to Benefits”

Meagan Rogers – Senior Solutions Social Media

Emphasis: Digital and Social Media Project: Senior Solutions Social Media Development By Meagan Rogers Summary Senior Solutions is an Idaho Falls-based company that strives to be the first resource for senior citizens who are navigating the trials that come with age. Senior Solutions helps make connections to assisted living, social events, and information that anyContinue reading “Meagan Rogers – Senior Solutions Social Media”

| Kyle Tillett | Text Me Back Music Video | Video Production|

How I Chose My Senior Project Deciding what to do for a Senior Project as a video emphasis in communications can be a daunting task. Originally, I wanted to make short advertisements for companies I like, but the film nerd in me wanted to go bigger. I wanted to showcase the skills I learned asContinue reading “| Kyle Tillett | Text Me Back Music Video | Video Production|”

Emma Earley – Editing A Music Video (Video Production)

Background/Objective What makes any video look truly great? Answer, the editing. A great editor is esential for any video. The editing is like the puzzel to the whole thing. It is what sets apart a great movie from a mediocore movie. For this project I am focusing on the editing rather than the filming orContinue reading “Emma Earley – Editing A Music Video (Video Production)”

Caden Dawson | A Hero’s Caddie

Emphasis: Visual CommunicationSemester: Spring 2023 Summary In two months and almost 200 hours, I designed and developed a mobile game from scratch. The code was written in C# using the Unity game engine. The visuals were all designed and illustrated by me from scratch. You can play the game HERE on mobile. (Desktop version comingContinue reading “Caden Dawson | A Hero’s Caddie”

Sammy Stevenson – East of Nowhere Adventures Media Management

East of Nowhere Adventures is an outdoor adventure blog that showcases Utah and the adventures that they are having “East of Nowhere.” When introducing the idea of a senior project to them, they mentioned how they’ve always wanted to launch their own brand and that now, with my help, it would be the perfect time to do so.