Merinda Manwaring – Marketing Moon Math

Embarking on a senior project is an exciting opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout your academic journey. In my case, having previously worked with Moon Math during my internship, I was determined to make a significant impact on their marketing efforts. This blog post outlines the process and steps I took to complete the Marketing Moon Math project, which involved creating a comprehensive business report, designing three social media marketing campaigns, and developing supplementary materials to enhance their online presence.

Conducting a Thorough Business Analysis: The foundation of any successful marketing strategy lies in understanding the market and competition. To kickstart the project, I began by conducting extensive research and analysis of Moon Math’s competitors. This involved studying their marketing tactics, target audience, and unique selling propositions. Additionally, I created detailed buyer personas to gain a deeper understanding of Moon Math’s target audience and their needs. These insights formed the basis for crafting effective marketing suggestions tailored to Moon Math’s goals.

Crafting the Business Report: With the information gathered, I compiled a comprehensive business report that outlined the competitive landscape and presented strategic recommendations. This report served as a roadmap for Moon Math, highlighting areas for improvement and opportunities to leverage their strengths. The report covered various aspects, including brand positioning, messaging, target audience segmentation, and channels for effective marketing communication.

Designing Social Media Marketing Campaigns: Recognizing the power of social media in reaching a wide audience, I developed three distinct campaigns for Moon Math to implement on Instagram and Facebook. Each campaign had a specific objective and catered to different aspects of Moon Math’s offerings:

Meet Moon Math: This campaign aimed to introduce the Moon Math brand to new customers. Through engaging visual content and storytelling, we sought to create awareness and generate interest in Moon Math’s unique approach to ACT/SAT test preparation.

Tips and Tricks: This campaign provided valuable information and insights for students interested in taking the ACT/SAT exams. By sharing expert advice, study techniques, and test-taking strategies, we aimed to position Moon Math as a trusted resource and establish thought leadership in the test preparation industry.

Moon Math Messages: This campaign focused on highlighting Moon Math’s values and ethos. By creating thought-provoking and inspiring content, we aimed to connect with the audience on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.

Creating Supplemental Materials: In addition to the social media campaigns, I designed supplemental materials to enhance Moon Math’s online presence and user experience. This included creating visually appealing course covers for their website, giving each course its own unique identity. Additionally, I redesigned various educational resources to ensure they aligned with the new brand aesthetic, providing a cohesive and immersive learning experience for students.


Business Report:

Social Media Campaigns:

Course Covers:

Resource Redesign:


Research/Business Report: 15 hours

Design/Content Creation: 30 hours

Presentation Creation (Blog/Poster Board): 6 hours

Total: 51 hours

Conclusion: Completing the Marketing Moon Math project was an immensely rewarding experience. Through the creation of a comprehensive business report, three impactful social media campaigns, and supplementary materials, I was able to contribute to Moon Math’s marketing efforts and help them achieve their goals. The project provided me with invaluable real-world experience in marketing strategy, campaign creation, and brand development. I am proud of the outcomes achieved and grateful for the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the Moon Math brand.