Not just boring Rexburg by Katie Young

Project Description

For my project I want to show fun things to do in Rexburg I will show off these things by making fun videos for TikTok and Instagram. Since I am a video production major I will use the video skills I have learned to make quality content. Every week I will go to a new location that has something fun to offer in the Rexburg area. I will video my experience and talk about things like cost, location, quality, etc. I will then edit the video and post it to TikTok and/or Instagram. I will share the video with others and encourage them to so it to their friends so that more people will be likely to see it and I can get good feedback.

Here is a link to the Instagram where I posted content.

Completing this project was not always the easiest. I had to work to find things that were with my college student budget. Also sometimes I would plan outdoor activities and then the weather would not be suitable for it, but I was able to still do activities and have fun. I really think spring is the best time to be in Rexburg. I really enjoyed this project and would like to continue to explore fun things in Rexburg for college students to do.

Even though I encountered difficulties and wasn’t always able to achieve what I had hoped I really liked this project and want to continue to learn more about fun things in Rexburg.