Brochure Design for Southern Virginia University

Project Overview

By Jake Daly

I. Project Purpose

The aim of this project was to design engaging, informative brochures that encapsulate the vibrant educational experience at Southern Virginia University (SVU). By distilling the unique strengths, facilities, and campus life that SVU offers, the brochures are intended to catch the eye of prospective students and provide them with a comprehensive view of the university.

II. The Project

The project culminated in the creation of professionally designed brochures, each with a different focus. Here are two of the examples below:


Campus Life:

III. Challenges Encountered in Completing the Project

The challenge of this project lay in gathering and consolidating extensive information about SVU, understanding its unique selling points, and converting them into compelling narratives. Creating a design that balanced aesthetics with information density necessitated multiple iterations and feedback.

IV. Project Processes

The project was executed following a structured process:

  1. Information Gathering: Conducted exhaustive research to gain a well-rounded understanding of SVU.
  2. Content Creation: Transformed the information into engaging narratives for the brochures.
  3. Design Phase: Created complementary visuals to enhance the content’s impact.
  4. Feedback and Iteration: Worked closely with Tyler Day, an admissions counselor at SVU, along with other stakeholders to incorporate feedback and fine-tune the brochures.
  5. Final Production: Produced the final versions of the brochures after receiving approval on the iterations.

V. Overview of the Experiences Had

Working on this project was a rewarding journey that allowed me to delve into SVU’s culture and values. Collaborating closely with Tyler provided invaluable insights into the institution’s character. The iterative process, although demanding, helped polish my writing and design skills and resulted in a set of brochures that effectively convey SVU’s spirit and offerings.

It was tricky at times as I needed to fit a lot of valuable content into a small brochure and I really had to get creative in order to avoid sacrificing design for content and vice versa. Though I am grateful to have had the opportunity to face and overcome the challenge via constructive feedback.

VI. Insights and Takeaways Gained from the Project

The project offered invaluable insights into effective communication of a university’s brand to resonate with its target audience. It reinforced the significance of integrating compelling narratives with design to create captivating printed material. The experience of collaborating closely with Tyler and incorporating his feedback was enlightening and underscored the importance of multiple perspectives in creating a well-rounded product. Overall, the project deepened my understanding of professional brochure design, leaving me with a sense of accomplishment and a heightened skill set.