Samantha Johnson — Lemontree Relations

Project Description

I started my own public relations practice, LemonTree Relations, to demonstrate my capacity as both a communications professional and as a business woman. Through my practice I consult local businesses, develop creative materials for clients and even write and design resumes for classmates and other professionals.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I had to leave Rexburg before my project was complete and could not take my display with me. Thus, here is my display without me!


Most of what I did for the initial 50 hours of this project revolved around clients. I’ve done public relations work for Bingham County Chiropractic and The Major Brent Taylor Foundation; creative work for Rodeo Ready and Animal Health Clinic; resume consulting for four students and professionals; and comprehensive work for a clients with personal requests.

The ultimate purpose of my project was to get my business started so I’ve also picked up clients like Daisy Dupes and The Weathered Flamingo to work with in the future. Both Daisy Dupes in Draper, Utah and The Weathered Flamingo and Magna, Utah have agreed to receive an audit from Lemontree relations. Both are small businesses who work mostly from Instagram. A closer look into their social media insights and business plans should reveal areas for growth and opportunities for increased returns on their investments. I will present those findings to them and offer specific recommendations alongside my services.

Currently all my clients have come from word of mouth or as a result of work I was already doing. I plan to use the small client base I have now to gradually build my portfolio until I take on an aggressive marketing strategy.

Not all the work I did for my clients during the past few months is public, but most of it can be viewed here. Please note there is a lot of work I’m doing that is in progress or not yet started.

[Client profiles from top left to bottom right: Mike Johnson/Bingham County Chiropractic, Jennie Taylor/The Major Brent Taylor Foundation, Laura Burtis/Daisy Dupes, Katie Burtis, Madeline Eames, Lucas Handy, Holli Meza/The Weathered Flamingo, Spencer Moulton/Rodeo Ready]










Animal Health Clinic

This veterinary clinic in Blackfoot Idaho loves their old logo, but needs an updated version in vector graphic form capable of moving from stickers to billboards without losing its integrity. In addition, the client also wanted the new logo to be simplified and cleaner than the original. They reached out to Lemontree Relations with these requests. This has been an ongoing process that started with the proposal of an entirely new logo and currently is situated in a clean-up rather than a makeover. The end result will be a simplified, clean vector version of the original logo.

Rodeo Ready

Rodeo Ready is a start up fitness company designed to help individuals be mentally and physically ready for rodeos through specialized training programs. It was started by Spencer Moulton in Arizona. Spencer reached out to Lemontree Relations in need of a logo that captured the essence of his business. Lemontree Relations was happy to help.

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Katie Burtis Untitled.png Katie doesn’t run her own business, but she does run a large girls’ youth group for her local Washington congregation. With COVID-19 forcing girls and leaders to stay isolated, Katie wanted a way to stay connected. She reached out to Lemontree Relations for help designing an easy-to-read newsletter and a series of Instagram posts for the month of April. Continue Reading…







Supplemental Materials

A great deal of content was created for Lemontree relations including branding materials, timesheets, finance sheets, emails, a website, even a style guide and more. Below you will find some of the previously stated materials. Some, like business cards, can be easily displayed but most are hosted elsewhere. Follow the links to get an idea of what Lemontree Relations is all about!