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My Project

I started this project last September of 2019, It started out as just a fun little app to post things I thought were hilarious. I first heard about the app from Gary Vee who kept talking about it. That’s when I knew this was going to be a big deal. I changed my account to a pro user so I could watch my analytics and started to do some research. There was hardly any information on how Tiktok worked.

I started experimenting, a few videos were getting traction and which drove me to make more! More I said! Soon I was spending so much time checking out the latest trends and was overwhelmed with all of it. Until I found out Idaho was trending so I made a video that took off like a rocket. All the new views comments and shares gained me even more followers, which help boost my chances of getting on the For you page, (Tiktok has two feeds, one for people you are following and one for new content called the For you page).

The video I posted was of my puppy and his sibling getting waken up from a nap. I posted it in the morning and when I woke up the next morning I had hundreds of new notifications! Overnight it got 250,000 views. I even had a video licensing company reach out and offered to buy my video! Over the course of a week it jumped up to 1 million, and it’s still climbing.

The reason for Tiktok’s success is it’s not like ANYTHING else out there. Well, It’s kindalike Vine…but well that’s dead. Users are able to gain followers and views overnight making it addicting. Everyone should be using TikTok.

What can businesses gain from using Tiktok?

There are two ways they can, by either paying for adds or creating their own content. Tiktok will help them gain more customers, followers, and attention. I recently found out about a few companies due to their creative marketing team making Tiktok’s showing behind the scene videos of how they customize vehicles with vinyl. Once I saw this I followed them on youtube and Instagram. Tiktok is a way to bridge the gap between younger demographics and your business! The NBA even uses Tiktok. They use it a more personal way to engage with their fans, and followers. So give it a try, after all, you have nothing to lose. It’s Free.

Total Number of Monthly Active Users:

800 million (source)

Last updated: 2/11/20

Total Number of TikTok Downloads:

1,65 billion (source)

Last updated: 2/11/20

Number of Video Views Per Day:

1 billion (source)

Last updated: 2/11/20

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Here are my popular Tiktoks

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