Emma Greene – VOICE Advocacy Onboarding Program

Onboarding Program

I created an onboarding program for VOICE Advocacy, which is a local non-profit organization. VOICE Advocacy has been working with the community for over 5 years now, yet many volunteers, new and old, were struggling to understand their role and purpose in VOICE. Being a member myself, I took the knowledge I had gained about VOICE and what others learned and created the onboarding program. Included in the program is an overview of VOICE and its mission, necessary information for new team members, and summaries of each project. The program is meant to help new volunteers understand their role and feel valued in within the organization. I worked with Andra Hansen, various teams, and other students to bring the most value and information into the onboarding program.

Along with the onboarding program, I also created a PowerPoint for Sister Hansen to use on the first day of class and two surveys for new volunteers to take, which will help VOICE continually improve.

The pictures below are close ups of my 4 C’s poster, my onboarding program and surveys, and my table.

Note: A good onboarding program includes the 4 C’s (compliance, clarification, culture, and connection).