Hollie Saatkamp – The Zillennial

Project Introduction

My project for this semester was to run my own blog. I got my own domain name, which is thezillennial.com, and designed the site, created a logo for it, and sought out feedback for topics that would interest people. I researched for and wrote my posts, which I put up every Tuesday and Friday. I also got a friend to write a post for my blog, on a topic important to him. I created posts for social media, especially Instagram, to promote my blog. Family and friends shared it with their friends as well. I chose the name “The Zillennial” because it is the niche generation that I fall in, between Millennials and Generation Z, and I wanted that age group to be my main target audience. My video presentation is posted below.

Supplemental Materials

Below are my supplemental materials with explanations.



Sticker I made to be passed out at my booth. They have the logo I made for my blog on them.


This shows the overall number of visitors to my site since I started it.


This shows how many people visited my site each day. On days I posted, it was around 20 views a day on average. A friend guest wrote and shared his post to his own social media on March 13th, and that gave the site 152 views in one day! With plenty after that as well. It taught me that being a platform for other voices is a great way to use this blog.and get more engagement.


Here is a slide of some of the social media posts I made and shared. These are from Instagram, but they were also cross-posted to Facebook. I also made some posts to Twitter. I noticed that when I made an actual post on Instagram as opposed o just a story, I would get more interaction and views.