JENTRIE STASTNY-The Design and Purpose of a Journal


Project Description

My project involved designing a journal and researching how journaling benefits mental and physical health. I designed this journal because I know personally the benefit of journaling and know that writing in a journal has helped me manage anxiety. This research and design project promotes journaling as a means of improving mental and physical health, through the color scheme chosen, the simplistic floral design, and the research included in the front of the journal. The journal is aimed towards an audience of college-aged females, potentially those who struggle with anxiety. Watch the video included below to hear a brief explanation of the project.

A Closer Look: Inside the Journal

My booth was designed to be simple and really just highlight the journal itself. I have two copies of the journal, with the intent that people could come by and flip through the pages to see the designs and read the information about journaling. I have included below the designed pages of the journal. Enjoy:











Additional Information/Tools Used

All of the designs where created using Adobe Illustrator. Every flower, box, line, and word was created or typed by me for the specific purpose of this project.

In between each designed quote was 15 lined pages for the writer to fill with text.

Research was conducted through Google Scholar and Academic Search Premier (available through the David O. McKay Library).

Lessons Learned/ Final Thoughts

Throughout the last four years at BYU-Idaho, creating has become something I thrive on and thirst for. This project allowed me to push my limits, dedicate a large amount of time, and produce something I am really proud of. The designs each took longer than expected, but looking at the finished product, I wouldn’t change the time put in because it allowed me to be proud of every single quote design. I learned that when I am excited about something, like designing this project, the time spent is fun and really flies by. Thank you for viewing my project and enjoying it with me.