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Rexburg Strong is a powerful unique brand that I created to help bring together a community of people that love to lift, workout, and exercise in general. Rexburg helps its community to stay strong by motivating, and helping others push to be the best they can be no matter what. Rexburg Strong can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. All posts on social media platforms are streamed to our website and organized in blogs.

This project took all of my time and then some. However with all the time I put in I learned alot about how it is to manage your own brand. I’ve Always been into fitness and with me still having my Personal Trainer Certification with the ISSA I wanted to try to mix my love of working out with what i’ve learned about advertising and managing my own brand using social media. I also had an internship and work for amazon prime student helping with their advertising. This project demonstrates everything that i’ve learned here at BYUI and from my work experience.

My project started with Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok about 2 months ago and to date currently has 230 followers posting to Instagram and Facebook . From there I went on to improve posts, creating an official logo and designing merchandise. I tried to use all my own pictures used for posts and edited them all using Illustrator, Canva, In-design, and Photoshop. I also started to create advertisements on social media and advertised them on Instagram to try to increase likes, follows and shares. On Facebook I posted to a group that I started called “ Rexburg Strong” which has the same posts just in easier format for Facebook users to see. I noticed that I had the best results with advertising using other Facebook groups to post such as “I <3 Life in Rexburg” and “ Daily Motivation”. After much success I created the website using wix which is free.

With a brand there are so many different aspects you have to work with to be successful. Its about putting all those pieces together to make the brand work and appeal to the target audience.My creativity with posts giving healthy living advise on what to eat and how to workout while at home were the other strengths of my project. I tried to connect with an audience that is now all online using posts that engage at home workouts. I attempted to create a supplement that would hypothetically be a future product. I am not actually creating the product but simply showing how easy it would be to buy bulk product, make a label and sell the product creating a profit. I used the simple vitamin c supplement to showcase in my “soon to be supplement” called “ Rexburg Strong Immunity Blend”.If you think about it the supplement could be sold to potential target audience. If we keep growing in followers then a supplement or merchandise would sell alot more.

The main focus was to be able to show how I created a brand and advertise it using social media and others forms of advertising such as events, and handing out fliers at the gyms and outside.Before the shutdown we were supposed to team up with amazon prime student for a march madness party where we would have given out a 25 dollar gift card and advertised Rexburg Strong. I learned what hashtags to use and how frequently to be posting. I learned how to create a target audience, and specifically target others in the same category using Instagram ads. I learned how to integrate marketing and advertising and see the correlation between the two. I learned there is a bright future for those in social media marketing.

I am really pleased with how things went with this project. This project has me really excited about the possibilities of the future because I saw how easy it was to start my own brand and have it be successful. I managed my success by the amount of followers, likes , shares, and merchandise sales and the knowledge I have gained from the experience.

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See 20 Do 20 Challenge

*For those that participate in the see 20 do challenge at the end of the video make sure to use #see20do20 #rexburgstrong @rexburgstrong when posting on Facebook Tik-Tok or Instagram.

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Custom Made Event Advertising/

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Merchandise- T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Baseball Hat, Beanie Hat, Hoodie, and Stickers.



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Instagram ALL Post Insights

Instagram advertising worked really well for paid and non paid. There aren’t groups to post in Instagram however i took advantage of the # hashtag feature and was able to get a decent amount of engagements. Engagement rate-2.4. Anything above 3 is really good.

Facebook Groups used to post

I wanted to note that I had the most success posting on Facebook groups as a means of gaining exposure for my brand. I found out through this project also that posting your ads to Facebook Groups are the best way to gain exposure , likes and impressions without spending any money. I did start my own Facebook group which never gained any traction with engagements.