Nate Hjorth – PGA Case Study


PGA Case Study

For my project I wanted to choose something that I was extremely passionate about. So naturally, I landed on golf. Golf is one of my favorite sports, yet one that I have only played for about 3 years. I used to think golf was some lame dumb sport, but once I played it, I fell in love. So, I made this campaign to try and make people see what I now see. Golf is an incredibly exciting and fun sport, but nobody know about it, for now. Check out my full book below!

Below is my booth with an assortment of my golf items. We have official golf hats from both The Masters and U.S. Open tournaments, golf balls, golf shoes, my favorite golf polo and my golf bag.

IMG_0421 (1).jpgIMG_0421 (1).jpg



Case Study Book

Below is my book with the full details of my campaign. It gives a detailed look into our objectives, big idea, advertising, calendar and more.

What I learned

I learned so much from this project because this is the first time that I created an entire campaign by myself. I really loved total creative control over my project, but I also learned that having others to help you come up with good ideas is extremely helpful. In the past I was only assigned portions of a project, but doing it all really allowed me to appreciate how thorough you need to be. Hope you liked it!