Seth Daybell – Series of Play Posters

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Project Description

I created a series of three posters for the plays “Twelve Angry Men,“ “The Music Man,“ and “Dear Evan Hansen.“ This includes the drafts, references, and sketches that led me to my final posters.

On my table, you would be able to see my three posters as well as some of the sketches that I made during the process. I also would have a video on a TV showing a brief time-lapse of each poster being created layer by layer.






This is the video that would have played on the TV. It shows the posters being built layer by layer and shows some of the processes that went into them.

Additional Material

Obviously, not everything I created made it to the table, but here I am placing some of the other pieces such as drafts and references that helped me get to the final posters.

A timelapse of an early draft of a Twelve Angry Men poster

The Creation of the knife in the Twelve Angry Men poster

Photo Reference

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