Kathryn Terry – I Need You (Original Song) by Kati Terry


My Project

For my project, I wrote, recorded and produced an original song called, “I Need You.” Using professional recording equipment and software, I mixed the song to sound as professional and high quality as possible. I included electric piano, vocals, beats and other editing plug-ins to add effect. Then, I released this song on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music and created a campaign to promote it.

For the branding and campaign of the song, I shot and designed a song cover, lyric video, and three social media posts across three different channels. I made sure to optimize the posts for each social media channel, by adjusting the captions, image sizes (if needed) and hashtags. To start off the campaign, I posted an image of my song cover on Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of this post was to announce that the song was available on streaming services, as well as give a background of what it was about and why I wrote it.

The next step was the creation and promotion of my lyric video for the song. I created a time-lapse of a sunset as the background of the video. The sunset goes down, gets dark and then reverses and rises again. This represents what the song is about and creates an interesting and relaxing visual for the lyric video. To promote this, I shared a repurposed clip of the video on my Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of this was to engage my audience enough to want to see more and to direct them to my YouTube channel to watch the full video.

The last post for my campaign was a wrap-up, “Thank you” post to my audience. I did a photoshoot of myself outdoors and made sure that the colors, background, lighting and editing all matched the overall branding and message of my song and campaign. I plan to post this on Instagram and Facebook on the last day of March to wrap up everything since I released the song on March 1st. The post is a carousel of two pictures where I thank my audience for all the support on the song, let them know how many “listens” the song received on Spotify and tell them to be on the lookout for more songs and covers coming soon. Overall, this was a very successful project that allowed me to utilize my skills in music production, content creation and social media.

My booth includes visuals of the song cover, my artist profiles on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as all the posts I created for my campaign. I showed how I optimized them for each of the social media channels, which were Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. On the computer, the lyric video that I created for my song is playing silently as well.





Supplemental Materials

Song Cover


Listen to “I Need You”

I recommend listening with good headphones or speakers for the best sound.

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