Mario Bambo- Video Advertising

Hello everyone! My goal in this presentation is to give you a little taste of what I accomplished in the past semester and the lessons and skills I learned and improved upon.


Project Description

“R Mountain Apparel LLC” is a local company here in Rexburg that focuses on creating custom athletic wear. I worked with the CEO on creating three 30 second ads to help illustrate the versatility in his companies product. With limited equipment I went on an adventure that took me to the gym, chasing a bike rider and climbing a rock wall to a very high height.

The booth I decorated with the inspiration of activity and mental fortitude. The mannequin was a steal at the DI and is proudly wearing one of the companies shirts proudly displaying their logo.

The Ads


This project has taught me more than I thought I would learn, not about video and content creation about people skills. Having the ability to talk to talent and help them feel comfortable especially on camera is a skill I possess that I underestimated. Being able to work with a client who may not fully share the creators vision, but still finding a way to please them, all of these and more helped this project be more of a triumph than I ever could have thought.


  1. You can create good content without extremely expensive equipment.

  2. You as the creator have been trained and hired to show the client how your vision can improve their company.

  3. Get brave and try something new even if it scares you, especially if it helps you get the golden shot.