Paige Rook – Fair Land Lemonade and Treat Parlor PR plan

My senior project that I did was to do a PR campaign for a local business called Fair Land Lemonade and Treat Parlor

After talking with Macail, the owner of the ice cream shop, it was very apparent of what I needed and wanted to do. I also started following them on social media about 6 months prior to meeting with the owner of the shop just looked at how I can improve on her Instagram.

After I met with her for the first time, I created a plan that took me a little while to prepare of how she can get the word out better.

She didn’t have a website, so I created a website for her which will help her bring in more business and people will now find the hidden gem in Rexburg. A website will allow her to focus on what she can do better like analytics.

I have attached a link to the website and photos of my PR plan.


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