Marlee Higgins: LemonTree Relations Branding

LemonTree Relations is a public relations firm that specializes in creative services such as logo, website, and business card design in addition to public relations services. LemonTree Relations works primarily with small business and assists them with their business needs. LemonTree Relations also seeks to help other individuals, such as graduating college students, with preparing their resumes for job applications.

“LemonTree Relations seeks to provide quality consulting and communication services to small business owner.”

For this project, I was primarily responsible for the branding of LemonTree Relations which included creating a style guide, business card, and letterhead. In addition, I also created a social media plan and strategy. To create and design these, I met with my client to discuss specifics of what she wanted including colors, general target audiences, social media plan (platform and frequency of posts), including a QR code in the business card, and contact information.

Style Guide

Business Card




Social Media Plan and Content Calendar