Taysom Garside – Crafted Clay Company


My Project: Crafted Clay Company

For my project I chose to start my own business and do all of the advertising for it. I launched my business in the middle of February and began doing advertising for it immediately. I have been advertising through Etsy ads and Instagram ads. I am also slowly starting to create a Facebook account to advertise there as well. For this endeavor, I started with a budget and was determined to keep within it. I have been successful with that up to this point and hope to continue going forward.

For my booth display, I have some of my finished products on the board beside me as well as on the display in front of me. In the very front, I have some of the parts and pieces I use to create the earrings as orders come in. I also have my laptop with a powerpoint going that shows some of my goals of this project, a few of the different advertisements I created, and statistics I have from my target audience.

Supplemental Materials

These are some of the advertisements that I ran and promoted with Instagram. The ads used for ETSY came from ETSY and were just my listings posted for others to see.

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Last but not least, my new business card that I created and will now send out with all of my orders so people are able to show their friends my creations and spread the word about Crafted Clay Company.