Rebekah Elya – Cook Book & Food Photography


My Project

For my senior project, I created a cook book using all original images and design. I was able to create this portfolio piece though weekly photoshoots and design sessions. One of my main goals was to create something that felt cohesive and up to industry standard. To achieve that I made sure my editing style stated cohesive and that I followed a basic design template that I made for myself. There was so much more to my project as well. Take a look at the video below!

I set up my booth to show off my project in a cohesive way! From just a glance you can get a sense of what I worked on. I used large images to display examples of my work. I also staged the table to give context my project. As you can see, I have two print books. The one in the stand is a soft cover book printed as my show piece. The scond book is laying open with a spiral bound. I wanted variety to show what different forms of printing can do. The spiral bound book, I have found, is much more practical for kitchen use while the other is more professional looking. As well, the business cards that I made are clearly displayed for those who come by and want a way to contact me!

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Here you can see a gallery of all my photos. Of course, I picked the best one for each recipe. However, every photoshoot for each item took about 1 1/2 hours and yielded about 30 photos. From there, I sorted and edited. The process was time consuming but very rewarding. These are my best photos from the semester!

Photographing food is extremely time sensitive and requires a lot of behind the scenes work. This video shows a snippet of what that looks like!