Alexa McIntyre – Idaho Crash Data Analysis 2014-2018


Project Description

For this project, Alexa analyzed five years of data and put together an analysis based on accident data from 2014-2018. Once she received the raw data from the Idaho Transportation Department, she cleaned and structured all the data into one Excel document for all of the years. From there the data was placed into a Tableau workbook where the data was created into charts and clear visualizations were made.

The following pictures represent brief highlights that were put up for display. The posters placed on the TV represent small samples of some of the chart from the 18-page data analysis booklet that Alexa made detailing the findings from the analysis. A copy of the book is displayed on the table and the full PDF file can be viewed at the end of this post.

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The following carousel provides closer images of the posters that were made which highlight specific graphs from the complete data analysis.

Next Steps

Alexa will send the completed analysis to the Idaho Transportation Department for their review and to receive more detailed feedback on the accuracy of the analysis. After working with one of the members of the department, she has received guidance on reading specific data points in the set and appreciates the help of Kelly from the department, her faculty mentor, Jason Reeder, and another faculty member, Lane Williams, who all helped her understand ways to format and organize the dataset.