Project Description

For my senior project I partnered with the athletic apparel company, “R Mountain Apparel.” This local business has been around Rexburg for two years, but the owner had recently taken a break from marketing through social media. As he realized the impact that social media can have on a company, he approached me for help in “restarting” his Instagram and Facebook pages. Together we decided that I would create both photo and video content for his business, post said content to the chosen social media platforms, and analyze the data received from promoting these posts.

The first thing I did when beginning my project was audit “R Mountain Apparel’s” social media platforms. During this process, I researched and analyzed similar brand’s pages and posts to determine our target audience. After gathering the necessary information, I held three separate shoots where I gathered different content for the social media channels. At each I took photos and videos that I felt represented the company well and would relate to our target audience. From there, I edited this content to create both photo and video advertisements and uploaded them. At the end of this process I analyzed the data received from our promoted posts to obtain a better understanding of which promotions were successful and why.

My primary goals in working with “R Mountain Apparel” were to reach a wider audience, create more orders and to demonstrate my interpersonal communication skills in a live setting. By the end of this project I expanded the audience, created connections resulting in sponsorships and sales, and learned to both share my opinion while receiving criticism.

My Booth

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These are the marketing videos I created from the clips I took at our video shoots. The videos were created to showcase the brand while emphasizing their athletic purpose.


At each shoot I took several videos and photos. As I began editing the photos and received feedback from my client, I learned about any different editing styles. It took several attempts before I was able to send something to my client that he genuinely loved. His style tends to be more faded and light. While I continued to provide my input, hearing his opinion opened my mind to completely different types of editing.



Due to these unforeseen circumstances I was not able to provide my data on posters as originally planned. However, I provided screenshots below.

After having my photos and videos approved I proceeded to post them to the Instagram and Facebook pages. During this process I implemented the research I had done on the target audience and then made adjustments to this audience based on the data. Here are the results:

Post ONE:

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For my first post I targeted those ages 13-60, who had interest in the outdoors and athletics, and who lived in Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Missouri, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado.

Post Two:

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For my second post I used Instagrams automatic targeting method. From this I learned that instagram will send people to your profile who will follow you, but your posts will not receive as much attention overall.

Post Three:

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For my third post I posted one of the videos that I edited. Using the data that I had gathered from previous posts, I targeted a more specific audience and was able to get more follows and impressions than with the previous posts.