Alina Clemens – Boise River Dental re-branding


A key element of any successful dental practice is its presentation and connection to its patients. During my project I helped re-brand the image of Boise River Dental a practice located in Boise, Idaho. The goal was to help create recognizable and professional content that would help endear the attributes and mission of this practice to old and new patients of the local area.

Collateral Material

Going off of a preliminary logo design, I utilized various Adobe programs such as Illustrator and InDesign to create collateral material for my client including business cards, letterhead, decals, etc. The designing process took some time beginning with basic layout sketching and then moving on to drafting.

Communication with the client is essential when commissioned to do any job. Whenever I had a rough draft ready, I would send the product to the client for their affirmation. Doing so gave me valuable feedback to revise my designs and ultimately settle on a design that pleased the client.

At that point I sent mock ups and printer ready files for my client’s use.

While shooting took a weekend, the bulk of the work when creating video content comes in the post-production. Utilizing Adobe Premiere and Audition, the editing process began with clipping the interview to create a cohesive narration that delivered the desired message. At this stage I sent a rough draft to get the client’s approval. Next, I edited the audio and created a balance between narration and a complimentary soundtrack. Color-grading and any special effects come last.


Though the process was long, ultimately I was able to deliver content that satisfied my client and met his parameters of clean, simple, professional content that put emphasis on the dental practice and its care of its patients.

I learned in the duration of this project the importance of consistent communication and working towards the client’s specifications rather than my own agenda. It also gave me good practical experience with a real-world commission that allowed me to stretch my skills beyond what I have learned to utilize in the classroom.