Jared Dann – What an Englishman Has Learned From Real Salt Lake


Project Description

During my summer internship with Deseret News in 2019, I was tasked with creating an explainer video on a topic of my choice. The video had to have some relevance to the people in Utah as Deseret News is a Utah-based organization. Being from England and having a strong interest in soccer (football), I was prompted to research more about the growth of soccer in the US. The fact that Real Salt Lake was based just up the road was a huge bonus. My short internship didn’t allow me to complete this project before returning to school, but Deseret News allowed me to continue this project as part of the Senior Showcase.

Originally this video was about the larger picture of soccer from a historic and worldwide perspective. Throughout the editing process, It became clear that the majority of the video had to be cut (it was originally 19 minutes long). Now, the focus is more on Utah’s local team and how unique they are in US soccer.

This video will be published with Deseret News in the coming weeks/months. Not only did this project help to improve my skills in video editing, design and audio mastering, but also in directing, communicating with professional organizations and interviewing. It has been a pleasure to have the backing of Deseret News with this project.

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