Mark Baclawski – Shotguns & Sugar Technical Development

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Project Description

My project is all about filling the technical cracks in a podcast called Shotguns and Sugar. Shotguns and Sugar is a budding history podcast that covers early American history. In addition to mixing many of the podcasts themselves, I was specifically responsible for a dozen different improvements including updating the logo, creating a standardized album cover for the podcast, compiling a comprehensive sound effect kit to be used throughout future podcasts, a myriad of backend improvements to the website, and launching a blog to draw in new listeners.

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This has been an incredible experience. Something I aim to get out of my career is the opportunity to help experts share their expertise with as many people as possible, and I got to do that! I’ve edited podcasts for Shotguns & Sugar before, but working with them in this capacity has been an entirely different experience. I’ve learned how to be a better communicator and the importance of clear and open communication in professional setting. Those skills are a must-have when the company your working for is on the other side of the country. Most of the collaboration and decision making was accomplished over Skype or text. The group is launching a blog when their next season begins in May. I organized a seasons worth of blog posts and created the blog part of their website. They helped me better understand target audiences and personas. I developed social media pieces to promote next seasons individual episodes. I was able to gain practical experience in the world of content creation.

The Shotguns & Sugar Podcast is available on all major podcast providers including Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Stitcher.