Kaylie Johnson- My PC ER Website Redesign


Kaylie’s Website Redesign

Kaylie Johnson took the original website designed for the Rexburg company My-PC-ER and redesigned it to improve user experience. She created a template for each page to follow, organized the elements based on user needs and optimized content to improve conversion rates.

Booth Highlights

Kaylie’s booth is set up to best show the work she completed. On the monitor is a sneak peek at the home screen in progress. The laptop shows the old blog page. The open computer on the right is to illustrate the hardware work My PC ER does.

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Supplemental Materials

Below are links to the pages Kaylie edited and the template images.

https://mypcer.com/ – This is the homepage for the website

https://mypcer.com/home2 – The new home page is in progress and needs design improvement, but the layout is better suited for user experience

https://mypcer.com/blog2 – This is the updated blog

https://mypcer.com/contact2 – Kaylie created the contact form on this page

https://mypcer.com/submit-ticket2 – Kaylie created this contact form to help users get specific help

https://mypcer.com/hardware – Although this page is only for hardware, the same outline is used for software, as well as specific needs within the subject

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