Alehtse Hernandez- AHTV

When I began the journey to create a YouTube channel, I had already been fawning about it for years. I knew it was possible but just the thought of all the work I would have to put in kept me from trying harder. I was already too busy with college, work, and other personal projects, but a part of me still couldn’t let go of the idea. I had videos from previous tries. I uploaded one or two videos and then for a year I did nothing. I approached my senior year and thought it would be a great idea to finally realize this dream.

The first few weeks required much planning. I had to figure out my channel name, which I first made “La Chica TV”  and I was going to focus on Latino culture because it is a niche I can relate to the most, but when I thought of content ideas I also wanted to work on thinks related to the Korean  culture. I decided to rebrand my channel to “AHTV” before creating a logo and updating the banner. Before I uploaded the first few videos, I thought of content ideas and started writing scripts.

I worked on learning about audio, lighting, creating thumbnails, talking comfortably infant of a camera and all Theas much of the in’s and out’s of YouTube.